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USL Academy Pathway

OVF Alliance - USL Academy Program

The USL Academy provides a path to elite competition at the youth level and a #Path2Pro within the United Soccer League (USL) structure for the region’s most ambitious players.

OVF Alliance will field and train Academy player pools for the region’s top players at the U13, U15, U17, and U19 age groups, with players having the opportunity to be selected out of these groups for participation in the USL Academy Cup, as well as other regional showcases. USL Academy will also play in conjunction with OVF Alliance’s USL League Two squad, training alongside this senior squad during the Summer USL League Two season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in the usl academy program?

Players in the USL Academy receive access to elite level training and competition environments that extend beyond the field. Highly licensed coaches, personalized player development plans, nutritional assessment and support, technology integration as a training tool, academic support, and competition against other USL Academies from around the country are all part of the USL Academy model that helps to develop elite players and great young people. 

How do I know if the USL Academy is right for me?

The USL Academy does require a significant commitment.  Additionally, players should have high ambitions for themselves and their soccer futures, with the ultimate goal of earning a place with the club's USL League Two squad and beyond (college/professional).

Does participation in USL Academy replace my current club or high school soccer team?

The USL Academy programming does not replace a player’s current club team or schedule, but rather supplements it with additional training and competition opportunities in a highly competitive environment against other top players with high levels of ambition. All players will still train 2-3 days a week with their current club team and play games with this team on the weekends throughout the season. However, Academy players will train an additional 1-2 days a week with their Academy group; have access to additional competition opportunities; and access to additional resources, such as personalized training and nutrition plans.

For the older players in the Academy, OVF Alliance will also work in partnership with the players’ high schools and coaches, allowing players to participate in both environments.

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