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U11-U19 Competitive

OVF Alliance offers players interested in competitive soccer with two development pathways (Classic & Elite) to provide the right experience for all players and families.

OVF Alliance 2001 Boys play from the back, emphasizing our purposeful possession style of play.

Classic vs. Elite: What's the Difference?

U11-U19 "Classic" Teams

Town-based teams that provide appropriate competition with a "community & Fun" focus. 

Our Classic Competitive program recognizes that not every player strives to play at the highest levels possible, and that often other factors like friends, community, and fun are significant factors in the decision to play soccer. Our Classic Competitive teams:

  • OVF Alliance Classic Competitive teams play in the OYSA Division 1 or Division 2 league depending on team ability.
  • OVF Alliance Classic Competitive teams are selected through our tryout process, and feature players that may need more development before being considered for an Elite Competitive team.
    • If necessary based on available player pool numbers, some Classic teams may be dual age group teams (ex. combined U11 & U12).

U11-U19 "Elite" Teams

Providing the highest levels of Training & competition to our most driven players.

Our Elite Competitive program provides a platform for top players to continually challenge themselves against the best competition in training and games.

  • OVF Alliance Elite teams are selected through our tryout process, and feature the top players within our player pool.
  • OVF Alliance Elite Competitive teams play in the OYSA State Premier League and may compete within the USYSA National League if the team qualifies.
  • OVF Alliance Elite Competitive teams split their practice/training sessions between Corvallis and Albany to fairly accommodate players from all communities.
  • Elite Competitive team players are also eligible to be selected for the club's USL Academy program.

Regardless of whether you play in the Classic or Elite program, our U11-U19 soccer teams compete through Oregon Youth Soccer Association, and should expect to travel for approximately 5 games each season. These teams will also play in selected tournaments throughout the course of their 8-months of play, and Elite teams may also compete in USYSA National League events if they qualify.

This 8-month commitment for our U11-U14 teams includes two 10-game league seasons (Mid July-Mid November; Mid January - Mid May) with 2 practices per week, competition in State Cup or Presidents Cup, and additional tournaments in Late July, and August as well as our annual Alliance Club Friendlies.

Due to the High School Season in the fall, our U15-U19 teams only play 6 months (December - Mid June; 2-week winter break) including one 10-game league season (January-April), State Cup or President's Cup (April-May), and 1-2 additional tournaments (May-June). Our high school teams will practice 2-3 days per week.

Our Elite U15-U19 teams may also compete in USYSA National League events if they qualify, and choose to play in College Showcase tournaments throughout the Far West Region to gain exposure to college coaches.

Since our players have the opportunity to get in 125+ training days and over 25 games during these 8 months, our club tries to take the month of June OFF (i.e. no tournaments) whenever possible to avoid player burnout and allow for quality family time. Please keep in mind that this is not always possible, particularly with our older teams who may be competing in regionals or College Showcases at this time. If you are committing to a team competing at these levels, you are committing to participate in these events.

Interested in Playing?

We are always looking for players who have a passion for the game, a great work ethic, and a competitive nature. If you are interested then we will provide you with a trial opportunity where you will be evaluated by the coaching staff to determine if this is the right opportunity for you. Please contact our Technical Director, Blake Leamy, at

The Alliance Difference

OVF Alliance is the only full service soccer club in the greater Willamette Valley that utilizes an integrated club model which requires the use of standardized curriculum, coaching methodologies, and a unified style of play that emphasizes purposeful possession. This creates a clear path and progression for all of our players from 5 years old through to our high school-aged and senior-level teams (USL League Two & USL-W).

Coaching Assignments for 2021-2022 season

U9-U10 (2014, 2013, 2012 birth years) Boys

EAST (Albany)
Vitor Souza - USSF "D" License
Dave King - USSF "C" License
James Curtis - USSF "D" License
Cristian Contreras - USSF "E" License

WEST (Corvallis)
Jessica Caze - USSF "C" License
Cindy Day - USSF Grassroots License
Tyler Jacobsen - USSF Grassroots License 
Brady Jacobsen

U11 (2011) Boys

ELITE: Sam Tweeton - USSF "D" License, Luis Maciel
EAST: Yobelli Manzo - USSF "D" License
WEST: Daniel Gradison - USSF "C" License, Victor Zuniga

U12 (2010) Boys

ELITE: Cisco Cisneros - USSF Grassroots License, Ryan Christner
EAST: Jonathan Martinez - USSF "D" License
WEST: Noah Craig - USSF "D" License

U13 (2009) Boys

ELITE: Hans Schneiter - USSF "C" License, Aresh Toumadje

U14 (2008) Boys

ELITE: Paul Karver - USSF "A" License, Jason Hower
EAST (08/09): Robert Gonzalez - USSF Grassroots License
WEST (08/09): Daniel Gradison - USSF "C" License, Steve Hunter

U15 (2007) Boys

ELITE: Ernesto Aguilar - USSF "C" License, Johnny Martinez
BLUE: Noah Craig- USSF "D" License

U16 (2006) Boys

ELITE: Victor Zuniga - USSF "C" License, Logan Hoffman
BLUE: Sam Tweeton - USSF "D" License

U17-U19 (2005-2003) Boys

U19 ELITE 1: Logan Hoffman - USSF "B" License, Moises Mendoza
U19 ELITE 2: Logan Hoffman - USSF "B" License, Hans Schneiter
U17/U18 BLUE: Ernesto Aguilar - USSF "C" License

U9-U10 (2014, 2013, 2012 birth years) Girls

EAST (Albany)
Mike Guilliot - USSF "D" License
Luis Maciel - USSF Grassroots License
Kennedy Guilliot - USSF Grassroots License

WEST (Corvallis)
Jessica Caze - USSF "C" License
Cindy Day - USSF Grassroots License
Tyler Jacobsen - USSF Grassroots License 
Brady Jacobsen

U11 (2011) Girls

ELITE: Simon Date  - USSF "A" License, Rachel Lasselle
BLUE: Scott Sparrow - USSF Grassroots License 

U12 (2010) Girls

ELITE: Jess Caze - USSF "C" License, Francisco Cisneros
BLUE: Daniel Gradison - USSF "C" License

U13 (2009) Girls

ELITE: Paul Karver - USSF "A" License, Eric Merten
BLUE: Noah Craig - USSF "D" License, Cort Beldin

U14/U15 (2007/2008) Girls

ELITE: Sam Tweeton - USSF "D" License
BLUE: Sam Tweeton - USSF "D" License

U16 (2006) girls

ELITE: Paul Karver - USSF "A" License, Steve Hunter

U17-U19 (2005-2003) Girls

ELITE: Simon Date - USSF "A" License
BLUE: Simon Date - USSF "A" License

OVF Alliance - Soccer in Albany, OR, Corvallis, OR, and the entire Willamette Valley including Salem, Monmouth, Independence, Lebanon, Brownsville, Sweet Home, and Philomath

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